• F.A.Q.


How much does it cost to bond someone out of jail?

All bondsman charge a bond premium. That premium is a state regulated fee set by the state.
How it works goes by your charges. Any charge $1,000 and higher is a 10% bond premium.
Any charge under $1,000 is a $100 minimum bond premium. Federal bonds are 15%.

What is an indemnitor?

An indemnitor is the responsible party to the bail bond contract who provides something of value to secure the bail bond contract and the defendant’s appearance(s).

How long does it take to get out of jail?

Completing the bail agent’s paperwork normally takes about about 15 minutes, however, release times vary from jail to jail and state to state. Here in Hillsborough county it takes an average of 1-4 hours to be released.

What happens if a defendant fails to appear?

The court issues a bench warrant for the person’s arrest and law enforcement considers the person a fugitive. The bail agency is authorized by the Court to arrest the individual.

What do I do as an indemnitor if someone fails to appear?

If someone you guaranteed fails to appear you want to cooperate with the bail bond agent and provide him/her with as much information as you have to the fugitive’s whereabouts. If the defendant makes contact with you encourage him/her to surrender to the bail agent or law enforcement. If a fugitive is not surrendered by the court due date the bail agent must remit the entire bond to the court and will proceed to liquidate collateral.

How long is the bond good for?

The bond is effective for the entire length of the case.

What is collateral?

Collateral is something of value placed with the bail agent which may be sold in the event of forfeiture of the bond.
The sale of the collateral is used to cover the amount of the bail that will be paid to the court. When a case is over the collateral is returned to the indemnator.

When do I get my collateral back?

Once we get a bond discharge or a final disposition that the case is over we work promptly on returning you your collateral.

Do I get my premium back?

Bail premium represents a fee for services rendered in securing release of the defendant from custody and is